About Ask Teal

In cooperation with The Spirit Science, Teal Swan has created the Ask Teal video series in which she provides detailed  answers and insight to questions submitted by her viewers. In this series, Teal address a variety of topics: science and spirituality, happiness, God, ghost, creating your own reality, oneness, and so much more. 

Every Saturday a new episode of Ask Teal is released on her YouTube channel: The Spiritual Catalyst. With over 16,000 subscribers and counting Ask Teal is one of the fastest growing Spiritual Video Series in the world.

Her show is written and produced in conjunction with Blake Dyer her longtime friend and spiritual ally. Together they uplift people all over the world with their dedication to enable each person to find their own happiness.

Theme Music used in Ask Teal

Mother of Compassion

by Lisa Thiel

© Copyright - Lisa Thiel / Sacred Dream Productions (601487071721)

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