Does Karma Exist?

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In this episode of Ask Teal, Spiritual Catalyst, Teal Swan, explains that the observation of Karma is a misinterpretation of the observation of what is often called The Law of Attraction. Karma is implied across life times by those who do not understand that they create their own reality with focus (thought).

This misunderstanding coupled with the expectation that good things will come to them with effort (in the form of actions and words instead of focus) makes it so that when life doesn't go their way they then come to the conclusion that...

"I wouldn't create this for me, so someone or something else must be creating this for me and deciding what my destiny is and what I deserve and it must be something I deserve based on previous lives that I've lived because I only understand the system of reward and punishment for something I did wrong. But I don't remember doing anything wrong to deserve this suffering in this life... so it must be a past life I'm being punished for."

Teal explains that this conclusion originated in cultures with a caste system. A caste system is a form of social stratification where one is believed to have been born into one social class or another based on previous lives, and therefore one could not rise above one's station. It was a societal belief of being doomed to where one was. For certain castes this meant being doomed to suffering, poverty, illness and social slavery.

Karma has become the scape goat people use to deal with suffering which they do not understand how they could have created in this lifetime. It is easier to believe for some people that there is a greater reason for sufferings than:
A). That there is no rhyme or reason for bad things happening to good people.
B). That they could be responsible for creating or attracting something painful into their lives.

Teal then goes on to explain that while this belief in Karma provides some relief for people who are suffering from circumstances that seem totally unjust and unfair, it is a belief that prevents transcendent understanding and true manifestational control over one's life.