Does Prayer Work? Do Prayers Get Answered? (Ask Teal Episode About Prayer)

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What is Prayer? It is asking. Prayer is the setting forth of an intention with pure focus and then opening up in a vibration of faith in order to receive. Prayers are ALWAYS answered. But people do not always put themselves in the space to receive what they have asked for.

When your prayers are not answered it is NEVER because source is withholding from you. The law of the universe is ask and it is given. It is because the law which supersedes that law is the law of attraction.

What this means is, no matter how hard you ask or try with words or actions, the universe is responding to your thought (focus). So, If you are praying for someone to live, but feeling desperate, it is because you are really in resistance to their death rather than focusing on them living. When you are focused on their death, you can not experience them living.

Beliefs must match outcomes. Many people who pray think that their focus is on what they want, but the prayer feels desperate because their focus is actually on what they DON'T want.

Teal explains that the way to make a prayer offer you up results is to BELIEVE in it.

And what's more, the key to creating the life you want to live is not needing to see before you believe, it is believing before you see.