Should I Vaccinate? (Ask Teal Episode on Vaccines and Vaccination)

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The birth of the vaccine is one of the worst scientific mistakes and subsequent cover ups in human history.

You have been lead to believe that vaccines are safe. But they are not safe. The birth of the vaccine is one of the worst scientific mistakes and subsequent cover ups in human history. The science behind vaccines is not only flimsy, it is an embarrassment. But money, (which is the true motivation behind vaccines) is flowing in by the billions and has since the birth of the vaccine and so, vaccines continue to be propagated.

Medical intervention for those who are ill is a multi-billion dollar proposition. But it is an even bigger money maker to require people who are in a state of perfect health to pay for medical intervention, such as a vaccine or drug. The world that we live in is a world that is owned and run not by people, but by companies... Companies who have one motivation: Money. And companies who can lobby politicians to pass legislation that is not in the best interest of human life.

These same companies own the media. To give the general public the real information about vaccines, hurts sales. Most of the studies done about vaccines are done by the very same companies that stand to profit from the success of these vaccines. Most of the medical clinics you visit make their living off of vaccines. So there is a huge conflict of interest within the medical community relative to vaccination.

Teal explains that as a medical intuitive, she has never seen a human body benefit by a vaccine, she has only ever seen them hurt the human body. She explains that vaccines are no substitute for eating a diet and living a lifestyle that supports the immune system. She goes on to explain that there are natural barriers between a human body and a virus (such as the walls of the respiratory and digestive system), and that by injecting a virus straight into the blood stream, you are by passing those barriers which enable the virus to enter vital organs and to cross the blood brain barrier; which is extremely dangerous.

The idea that vaccines should be mandatory is unconstitutional. It is a blow at freedom and freedom is precious. In the future, Vaccines will be looked at in the same way that we look at blood letting today. It will be seen as an embarrassment in human history.

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