Transgender (Ask Teal Episode on Transgender and Transsexuality)

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People, who come into this life with the intention of experiencing what it is to be transgender, intended to understand authenticity. You can only find true authenticity if you first experiencing being inauthentic. Finding your own true identity requires an identity crisis. It is only ever the byproduct of either being void of identity or feeling as if you do not identify with your identity.

Gender is the first form of identity next to human. It is even more a part of identity than race or religion. This is why transgender people go through a period of identity development.

Spiritually, they intended before birth to come down into contrast that would cause them to fulfill three key needs relative to authenticity; the first being the need to understand of one's self-image, the second being the need for self-reflection (self discovery), and the third being the need for self-expression.

Resistance to your gender keeps you stuck in that gender. So releasing resistance to it and finding ways to positively focus towards it, will actually enable you to let go of it; and allow yourself to choose a lifestyle and even a body that you feel reflects the real you.

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Kuan Yin's Mantra (c) 2002 Lisa Thiel - used by permission