What Is Shadow Work? And How Do I Do Shadow Work?

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Teal explains that there is only one type of energy in this universe, which we can call... Source Energy. There is not a source of Good and a source of Evil or a source of Light and a source of Dark. What we call negative or evil or shadow, is merely the RESISTANCE to source energy.

So you could say shadow is just absence of light. Another way of saying that is, shadow is the vibration within you that does not resonate at the same frequency as source energy.

Thoughts dictate the vibration a person holds. So shadow work means addressing and releasing the thoughts and beliefs which are holding you in opposition to source energy and source perspective, the part of us that is not a match to source vibration and perspective.

In this episode, Teal describes two helpful ways to approach one's "shadow". And she reminds us that it is useless to run from shadows within us because, just like our physical shadows, they follows us anywhere we go until we shed light upon them.