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Allergies (what causes allergies and how to cure them)

The person who has allergies, is a person who has been insensitive to their thoughts and emotions to such a degree that they de sensitized to the discomfort of the emotion and so, their body had to develop the sensitivity. If we have allergies, we have been stuck in negative emotion and we simultaneously believe or have believed (around the time t

Priceless Relationship Advice

Potential is inherent in everything and everyone. It is a very admirable thing to be able to see the potential in people and in things. After all, It us the underlying truth of who we are. We are potential energy. The problem sets in when we decide to commit to a relationship with someone based on potential.

How to Get Rid of Anxiety (A Natural Cure for Anxiety)

Anxiety is a worldwide problem. It is a problem where our own biology—which was designed to insure our survival as hunters and gatherers—is sabotaging our bodies and minds. When we feel fear or stress, our body releases cortisol (the stress hormone). This cortisol release is part of the fight or flight response. Back in the day, it enabled us t

How To Ground Yourself (All About Grounding)

To ground yourself means to fully connect and phase with the perspective of your physical dimensional aspect. Your consciousness is not as much a finite clump of energy as it is an infinite current of energy. For this reason, it is easily compared to electricity. Removing the excess electric charge from an object is called grounding. Removing

Frequency Billboard Campaign Trailer


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Frequency Billboard Campaign

How Ego Comes Through The Back Door

In this episode, Teal explains how ego comes in the back door. She explains that ego has taken advantage of the truth that "we create our own reality" by isolating us.

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How To Say No

All too often, we say yes to others whenever we are asked to do something, but deep down we feel resentful even though it was our decision in the first place. We suppress those feelings of resentment, but emotions like resentment are energy and energy has to go somewhere. So it does, those negative feelings express themselves through your body an

Unconditional Love (How to Love Unconditionally)

Love is an identical vibration to appreciation. And appreciation is nothing more than positively focusing towards something. This means that unconditional love is the same as unconditional positive focus. A simpler way of putting this is that unconditional love is positive focus (appreciation) that is not conditional upon how another person acts

The Flaw In Buddhism (Ask Teal Video on Desire)

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Desire has been a big topic of controversy in the spiritual community.